3 Things You Will whiten face Naturally | 3 Things You Will whiten face Naturally - Who would not want to have white faces glow? Radiant white face is a dream for everyone, both men and women. No doubt that faces graced the screen is dominated by white faces glow. This has led to the association that the beautiful woman is a woman who is white, as well as with men.

Therefore, all vying to be able to get a white glow. Sometimes, they use instant way is by using creams that obscure the authenticity and the materials used, are made of materials that are safe and in accordance with the standards of cosmetic ingredients. If you use a whitening cream made from high mercury, in the long term health of your facial skin will be interrupted and will lead to the emergence of skin cancer.

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There is another way that is safer than the chemical-based creams, ie with herbal ingredients. In addition to efficacy, the use of herbs in the process to whiten the face too safe and not at high risk, although it requires a little time. As long as there are herbs and natural ingredients are cheap and are not at risk, why not try it? With the appearance of white skin glow, you can be more confident, right? Let's look at three things that will whiten the face naturally!

1. Masks Bengkoang, Rice, & Cucumbers

3 Things You Will whiten face Naturally

Lots of natural ingredients that can be used as bleach facial masks, such as yam, rice mask and cucumber. The content contained in yam can lift dead skin cells and makes skin glow white.
not only that, bengkoang also can eliminate black spots on the skin. To use rice as a mask, you can use the remnants of rice that settles when soaking the rice. As for the cucumber, you just puree of cucumber and dicamour with a glass of milk and let stand in the refrigerator for a few minutes so that more fresh when applied to the face.

2. Lime and White Eggs


3 Things You Will whiten face Naturally

Orange juice contains antioxidants that vaik to the skin, the pores on the face. To get white skin glow, you can use lime juice and mix with egg white. Apply to face and let sit about 20 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

3. Olive Oil and Sugar

3 Things You Will whiten face Naturally

As you know, olive oil does have a myriad of benefits, one of them for the treatment of facial skin. Olive oil is useful to remove black spots, exfoliate dead skin on the face, and moisten.
sugar as bleach facial
You simply mix the olive oil and a little sugar and apply on face evenly, such as when you clean your face with soap. Apply for 5 minutes and rinse with water. You can do this three times a day.
Now, the materials that have been described are also very easy for you get. You have to be consistent to get skin glow white, although it requires a short time. Make your face white skin radiant and young nan always look dazzling. Good luck!!

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10 Fashion Tips For Women Dark skinned | Hello Fashionista welcome to my website, where you can find fashion and style you just here,  Confused mixing-madankan color clothes you used for dark skin? Relax accessorypedia untu you've got the answer. Here We Go.

10 Fashion Tips For Women Dark Skinned
10 Fashion Tips For Women Dark Skinned

For a woman, fashion is a must! No exception Indonesian women who generally have dark skin. Many of them thought to have dark skin is a deficiency that could hinder the mixing-madankan fashion.

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But the assumption is indisputable, because dark skinned women can also experiment in the world of fashion and perform confidently. Of course, with regard to a few things to know before to decide what clothes will be selected. So ladies, we have to dress like we are going to meet your worst enemy today!

Do not Fear Colour LightFor women with dark skin, it is advisable to wear brightly colored clothes such as orange, yellow, gold, and green. There is no harm in bright colors are paired with jeans baby blue because this color makes you not look dull.

Avoid Dark Colors
Avoid wearing a dark suit, yes. Let you do not look more dark and dull. If you want to wear dark colored clothing selection, matching with subordinates bright colors to make it look a bit dull and not bright. Dark colors you use any guns illegal, you should wear dark colors such as black and green olive leaves.

Effect of Colour MatchingFor the brown-skinned woman, dark and light color combination is perfect. But it should be smart in madankan color mixing. As a black color with burgundy, navy and beige. Avoid blend of colors like brown and red, because this color combination will make you look weird. Wear the colors of beige and pastel, as these colors mebuat you look chick.

Colour composition Matches
Note also the accessories in your appearance. Do not wear too many accessories and also note the color composition of accessories would you wear with your clothes.

Neutral Color Shoes
For you fashion appearance, does not stop at the clothes alone. Note also the shoes that you wear. Wear shoes with a safe and neutral colors, such as black, white and beige that matches when paired with a variety of colors.

Color and Texture Hair
Hair color can also affect your appearance, you know, ladies. Do not worry, there remains a path to your dark skin. You can use a hair color that blends with the color of your skin like golden brown and mahogany. Add orange or orange highlights that more textured hair.

Accessories Color Soft
Watches are also inseparable from our daily outfit. Choose a watch with soft colors or neutral colors such as maroon, beige and light gray.

If wearing Hijab Choose the Right Color!Currently the hijab can not be separated from daily fashion Indonesian women. To you who are dark-skinned, use hijab with pastel colors, maroon, navy, purple, and black.

Specify Lipstick Face BrightnessLipstick! Yes, lipstick is a must. For you are dark-skinned, use colors like maroon, berry and rose. This color will make you look brighter and appear chick!

Make Up Compatible
Speaking of fashion, not apart from make-up would you wear. Do not wear makeup with brighter color tone, as this will make you not natural. Use color makeup similar to your skin tone to make it look more natural.
How Ladies, do you have any other tips are telling? Immediately wrote to give your comment below!

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5 Model Top Muslim clothing bloke 2016 | Hello Fashionista welcome to my website, where you can find fashion and style you just here,  are currently Muslim dress has become a trend in dress every day, especially for Muslim women who wear hijab. Veiled Muslim women in Indonesia do not have to bother to find clothes that fit him Muslim, because many small fashion industry that provides many models nuanced Muslim clothes and good quality. This not only applies to womanhood alone, adam could also look with shades of Muslims with the view that fixed stylist and fashionable.

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Maybe some of the men found little difficulty to determine the model of the nuances of Muslims, for wearing Muslim clothing related religious activities only. But actually you can use not only the Muslim clothing during prayer during the holidays or Friday prayers, but also can be used when you travel, and formed friendships. But you do not want to see you too nuanced Muslim and looks more relaxed, and therefore the current designer clothes mendesai Muslim men's unusual and very fashionable. Well, the following will be discussed.

 5 models Muslim clothes cool guy that anti-mainstream, see description below
Clothing Batik Koko

5 Model Muslim clothing Top bloke 2016
Clothing Batik Koko

One Muslim dress or koko man that became a trend in 2016 is accented batik baju koko. Alloy batik baju koko koko make the look a bit more formal but still nuanced Muslims. You can choose Muslim dress with a short-sleeved batik accents and long sleeves.For those of you who want terihat more relaxed, you can choose koko short-sleeved batik accents, remember, do not choose a light-colored batik accents and do not match the color of your biscuits. To make it look more relaxed, you can mix with basic colored sneakers. Meanwhile, long-sleeved batik baju koko very appropriate for those of you who want to look formal and neat, do not forget to combine them with loafers to look more formal. You can also mix koko-sleeved batik short and long with black jeans or pants colored material base.
Baju Koko Pakistan

5 Model Muslim clothing Top bloke 2016
Baju Koko Pakistan
 Well, for those of you who want to be different, you can use the koko Pakistan. Koko Pakistan usually have long sleeves and long models up to the knee. Koko's clothes Pakistan can use for prayers on the day of Eid and Eid al-Adha.
Along with the development of fashion, koko Pakistan is also available with 7/8 sleeves and short sleeves, but still have a long up to the knee. Pakistan koko shirt with short sleeves or 7/8 is perfect for those of you who want to look casual but still nuanced Muslims. Koko Pakistan are usually provided with basic colors, such as black, white, gray, red, and blue.

Koko Shirt Short Sleeve

5 Model Muslim clothing Top bloke 2016
Koko Shirt Short Sleeve
 For those of you who want to look very casual, you can wear short sleeves this koko. For those office workers, you can also wear a short-sleeve shirt koko is on Friday.You do not need to bother with koko again for prayers on Friday, you can just wear a short sleeve shirt koko directly from home. Pair with jeans blue to make it look fresher. Mix well with a sneaker that you look more relaxed.
Koko shirt with sleeves breasted Long Sleeve is perfect for those who want to look minimalist and look cooler.Koko this type are usually provided with a white color and is usually suitable for those who have a broad chest and tall. White is a neutral color that can be combined with any saja.Tetapi, be great if you combine it with pants made of stretch brown.

Koko Shirt Embroidery

5 Model Muslim clothing Top bloke 2016

Koko Shirt Embroidery

Baju Koko Embroidery still will be the trend in the 2016's. Baju Koko Embroidery is usually designed in two variants, namely the short-sleeved and long-sleeved. If you want to look more relaxed, you can have a short-sleeved shirt koko with a blend of jeans and sneakers.You can also use a long-sleeved shirt koko border with alloy jeans and sneakers to look more casual but neat. Do not forget to pick koko with soft colors and embroidery are not too crowded.

Well, that's information about 5 Model Baju Muslim Anti Mainstream Cool guy who could be a reference to you to choose the proper Muslim clothes. When choosing koko is right for your use, you must adjust the color and posture of your body to look fit and not excessive. Welcome to choose!

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The best collection of Handbag 2016 | Hello Fashionista welcome to my website, where you can find fashion and style you just here,  This time I will share info about one of the important fashion accessories for women, namely bags. Bags can indeed be regarded as fashion accessories that can hardly be separated from the name "woman". When traveling out of the house, you definitely feel something is missing if you do not carry a bag, right? The main function of the bag itself is to accommodate our luggage, such as make-up equipment, mobile phones, gadgets, tissue, and others. But in addition to these functions, the bag also has other functions, especially if not as a supporting appearance. In fact, many women feel more confident with a luggage bag.
Different events should certainly also different types of bags that we use. Therefore, you should have some kind of bag so you do not carry a bag that's it time to go to various events. Try it banyangin if you wear the same bag when going to the mall hangout, go to parties, to the office, baseball huh? The yes everywhere-the-life of the bag only. Therefore, it would be better if you collect several types of bags that can be tailored to the type of event would you go.

Approximately what kind of bag yes mandatory for listing your collection? Let's find out here.
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1. Clutch Bag

The best collection of Handbag 2016
Clutch Bag
Clutch bag is a small handbag, and is suitable to be taken while attending a party. Of course, this bag will make you look more beautiful and graceful. For the selection of colors, it helps you choose a clutch bag with neutral colors, like black, white, gray, silver, and gold, to be easily combined with any color shirt.
2. Wristlet Bag

The best collection of Handbag 2016
Wristlet Bag
Actually, almost the same wristlet bag clutch bag, wristlet difference only has a thin rope or chain. By using wrislet bag while attending a party, you feel inconvenience when baseball will have to take the food, because this bag can you sandangkan in the shoulder or arm.
3. Satchel Bag

The best collection of Handbag 2016
Satchel Bag
Satchel bag is a bag that has a box shape with a surface covered with cloth or leather, and usually rigid structure. Satchel bag suitable for use when you go for a walk, to the campus, or at the office, and certainly will make you look more fashionable.
4. Hobo Bag

The best collection of Handbag 2016
. Hobo Bag
If you include people who carry a lot of stuff while traveling out of the house, such as office, college, hanging out into the mall, you can use a hobo bag. Hobo bag is generally semicircular and square, and has a rope handle. There hobo bag that has a short handle strap, and there also have a long rope. This bag can be carried on the shoulder or arm.
5. Tote Bag

The best collection of Handbag 2016
Tote Bag
Similarly, hobo bag, tote bag is also designed to accommodate a lot of luggage. Tote bags are usually rectangular and trapezoidal, and has two rope handles. This bag is perfect to carry while going to the office, school, roads, as well as sightseeing.
6. Backpack

The best collection of Handbag 2016
If the first is always synonymous with men's backpack, the backpack is now also widely used by women. The difference, if the design backpack men usually monotonous, women backpack designed more diverse with different pattern, color, model, and size. Even many backpacks are designed with two purposes, namely to serve as a backpack as well Salempang bag. Well, for you who often shoulder aches for carrying a bag that carried on one shoulder, backpacks can be a solution. Because the backpack has two straps, each of which can be attributed to both shoulders, so the load of the bag rested in balance on both shoulders. This bag can you use while traveling to various places, such as on walks, lectures, as well as to the office.
How Fashionista? Have bags on top in the list of your collection? If not, hurry to buy sekrang in a nearby fashion store now. Discover the bags you want, and certainly can make you look so much more stylish and fashionable. In addition, there are also handmade bags that will surely make you look unique and different.
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